Supper Roster

2017 – Southland Photographic Society 
January 26th Dayle Wright Peter Aalders
February 2nd David Clearwater Eb Wiijkstra
16th Jean Wilkie Chris Duggan
March 2nd Peter Emms Shane Todd
16th Nancy Somerville Daniel Evans
April 6th Alison Evans Bill Sheffeilbein
20th Mark Phillips Sister Maria
May 4th Grant Grieve Dot Mullay
18th Cheryl Mcmath Philip McCartney
June 1st Rosalie Lindsay Wayne Leary
15th Kat Smith Anita Hayman
July 6th Rick Harvey Annie Carmichael
20th Donna Corbin Sharon Cooper
August 3rd Rodney Adamson Kevin Tyree
17th Mike Pemberton Kay Emnens
September 7th Dayle Wright Peter Aalders
21st David Clearwater Chris Duggan
October 5th Mark Phillps Shane Todd
19th Nancy Somerville Peter Emms
November 2nd Cheryl McMath Philip McCartney
Would you please look at the above supper roster and note if your name is there and then record it somewhere so that you don’t forget when your turn comes up. There will be a reminder on the first page of the each newsletter for the month ahead
If the slot allotted to you does not work then it is your responsibility to find someone else
to do it for you. A possible replacement can be found on the roster
Please supply milk plus something to eat – biscuits, loaf etc. Everything else will be provided
PRINT and load your duty into your calendar or diary
Any unforseen problems please contact Ian Smith