Competitions – General

Throughout the year there are competitions for Open, Natural History, and Photojournalism with sections for both digital and prints.

Open (OP) – A, B & C grades
Natural History (NH) – A, B & C grades
Photojournalism (PJ) – Ungraded

All general competitions will be listed here and show a link when they are open for 2023

These will be for Open, Natural History & Journalism

Closing dates for Open Competitions

2nd Feb Open (1) A/ B/ C

30th March Open (2) A/B/C

1st June Open (3) – A/B/C

20th July Open (4) – A/B/C

Closing Dates for Natural History Competitions

16th Feb Natural History (1)

20th April Natural History (2)

15th June Natural History (3)

17th August Natural History (4)

Closing Dates for Photojournalism Competitions

16th Feb – Photojournalism (1)

20th April – Photojournalism (2)

    15th June – Photo Journalism (3)

    Closing Date for Tyree Bros. Portrait Competition

    15th June Tyree Bros